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1.8 Update & New Features

Shadowphax Admin posted Apr 3, 15

Hello, GameplayerHD Playerbase,

As I'm sure you're aware, we have recently been updating the server and adding various new features here and there. Currently, we are still working to add in some more features,

as we leave the server open with whitelist off. Though we're still not fully finished, the server is currently in full Minecraft 1.8, and all mechanics, blocks, items, ect. are currently active

and accessible. Please note that we're currently in our beta stage of 1.8 and that there very well could be bugs from time to time. If found, please report them to staff or create a

forum thread for it. Well, I'll move onto updates and upcoming features.


Due to the fact that our enderchest plugin has not fully updated to 1.8, your items are not currently in your enderchests. Don't panic! We are talking to the plugin developer to see if

we can get him to push an update out quickly. Until this plugin is updated, enderchests will be temporarily disabled. Again, please remember that as soon as the plugin updates, you

will have your items back.


One of our new features here at GameplayerHD is that I have recently added some menus for various commands to make everything more convenient and clean-running. Please

note that I am still working on these, and that there are some glitches within them. I am working to resolve these, so please bear with me. These menus will be triggered by specific

commands. Though they are not fully finished, the commands to trigger them are as follows:

/menu - This opens the main menu.

/websites - This opens the websites menu.

/information - This opens the info menu.

/spawn - This opens the spawn menu.

/rankinfo - This opens the rank info menu.

/donormenu - This opens the donor menu.

Again, please keep in mind that some of these are not currently enabled, and will be implemented later.

As I'm sure most of you are aware, we released a plugin a while back that would implement boss mobs with specific powers, armor, potion effects, ect. When we began using the

plugin, we used the default item drops file. Because we used it, there were a lot of items dropped from mobs that would give unfair effects and strengths that fully and directly

affected gameplay. Recently, we set up a custom drops file. This adds in nearly 100 unique items that you can use on your journey. The levels of mobs are configured as follows,

with higher levels being stronger:

Level 1: Mad

Level 2: Rabid

Level 3: Enraged

Level 4: Omega

Level 5: Infernal

This world and its games are currently in development. I will edit this post with the updated information.

These are only some of the main things that have been modified or added. Please note that there are more new features, and that more are to come.

Best regards,

Rob / ShadowMC


Shadowphax Admin Thanks. <3
jackoleary Owner Sexy update guys! Good work ...
Hey everyone at GameplayerHD! I would like to introduce to you our brand new website! I heard throughout the few months I have been here that you guys wanted a website for a long time now. So I called GameplayerHD and discussed on getting you guys a website. He like that idea of course since now we have this beauty! That being said, this website should organize the server a lot better now and make it easier for us to get a message out at mass levels. To make this website pretty fun I implemented a fun achievement system that should add fun and joy to the website. More info has been posted here.

Now onto Staff Applications. Instead of that email, you can now post your staff application on the website! This will help us constantly come back to the application and or see it clearly then an email. You can apply here.

Last but not least the big update. Well some of you may know that the big update is the raiding part of the server. I have posted the voting module on the page of the site but I will drag it to the home page so you can continue to vote. We really need your opinions on this update and in the end we will do what most people voted for. I also updated the server a bit to get Disguises and pets to work so I hope you guys have fun with that!

We are also changing from buycraft to Enjin shop just because well Enjin shop is a lot more fun to work with plus gives us more features to play with. Yes all the ranks that you guys have donated for will be carried onto enjin shop and by doing that you should also be getting your Donator ranks on the website!

That may be a lot to read and I am glad you read it all! But welcome to our new website and I hope this website will help the server thrive and grow!
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