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Raiding Update

Robert Admin posted Mon at 10:48
Hello, GameplayerHD playerbase. As you know, we've recently been working hard to release our raiding world. If you are not aware, we've run into some issues due to the fact that plugins will not be compatible globally. We know that a lot of you have spent an obscene amount of time building up your mcMMO skill levels. Because of the raid world, it seems that we will need to reset mcMMO and then disable it in the survival world. Without doing so, we will not really be able to update. Please vote on your opinion by clicking the link just above the website menu bar.

On another note, we need all of you to save your build coordinates, set warps, or set homes at them. Because we need to move factions to our upcoming raiding world, it will no longer be of use in the survival world. When we remove factions, all data for it shall be reset, meaning faction sethomes will be reset; and you will not be able to get back to your builds that way. If you are not a donator, you will be able to send us your coords via Skype, email, ingame mail, ect. Any and all of our staff members will be able to retrieve them for you.

Now, I'm sure that a lot of you are wondering how it is that other players won't be able to grief your builds. I, myself, have been asked this question numerous times. Because we will be removing factions, we will be implementing a new claiming plugin so that you guys can protect your builds. We aren't exactly sure which plugin we will be using, but once we decide, I will post a thread saying what plugin it is and how you will be able to use it.

If you feel as if you need to contact me for questions or further information, my contact information is as follows:
Skype: bobbylentmc

Best regards,
Hey everyone at GameplayerHD! I would like to introduce to you our brand new website! I heard throughout the few months I have been here that you guys wanted a website for a long time now. So I called GameplayerHD and discussed on getting you guys a website. He like that idea of course since now we have this beauty! That being said, this website should organize the server a lot better now and make it easier for us to get a message out at mass levels. To make this website pretty fun I implemented a fun achievement system that should add fun and joy to the website. More info has been posted here.

Now onto Staff Applications. Instead of that email, you can now post your staff application on the website! This will help us constantly come back to the application and or see it clearly then an email. You can apply here.

Last but not least the big update. Well some of you may know that the big update is the raiding part of the server. I have posted the voting module on the page of the site but I will drag it to the home page so you can continue to vote. We really need your opinions on this update and in the end we will do what most people voted for. I also updated the server a bit to get Disguises and pets to work so I hope you guys have fun with that!

We are also changing from buycraft to Enjin shop just because well Enjin shop is a lot more fun to work with plus gives us more features to play with. Yes all the ranks that you guys have donated for will be carried onto enjin shop and by doing that you should also be getting your Donator ranks on the website!

That may be a lot to read and I am glad you read it all! But welcome to our new website and I hope this website will help the server thrive and grow!
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